KEY Points For our Revolutionary Movement:

- We are a movement that we are building for a long term NOT a Coalition. 

- We are individuals building a movement without representing organizations such as church's, trade unions, etc.We can invite them but they cannot represent those organizations.

- A movement is long term within mobilizing people to fight.

- We can be a small CORE group but we are about mobilizing hundred's of people. 

- We, in the movement want to create a permanent change.

- We, in the movement MUST educate  and give consciousness to the people. 

We follow ideas NOT individuals. 

- We, as a movement do not look outside for leadership it HAS to come from within the movement. 

-   As we call our selves the Black And Brown Movement (Unity), we are NOT rejecting white people but we ask that they do not try to lead us as we [Black And Brown} want to lead for ourselves. 

- We are a revolutionary movement, as the time is needed for that RIGHT now. 

- We want to organize the minority's to fight the oppressors, as it KEY to building a revolutionary movement and REAL change.   


Take Action With Us! 

Please join the Mother's On The March Against Police Violence every Friday from 12 noon - 2 pm in-front of The Hall Of Justice 850 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA as they are demanding that District Attorney George Gascon press charges on the Police Officers that killed Kenneth Harding Jr, Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, Luis Gongora-Pat, Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Jessica Nelson-Williams. 

Black & Brown is about empowering ourselves to decide what is it we want for ourselves and our children. Black & Brown is about getting back our voices in an organized way, struggle to educate our community, unite our communities, and fight for our rights as Black & Brown people with dignity and respect. We invite you to join the movement to build a better world for ourselves and our children.